Stella Erratica // 2017

Alone on a desolate planet. Or is he? 

This experimental lo-fi sci-fi charts a voyage through space to another world. Although the monsters may lie much closer to home...

Props from the film were also used by David Bowie's production team for his penultimate music video, Blackstar.

The film was painstakingly edited by hand, using optical effects to create an authentic, vintage style. 

Ben Barton // 2017 // 9 mins // Starring: Michael Slade, K.B. Gibson. 
Other crew: Scott Gibson, Michael Turner, Nick Payton, Sienna-Janae Holihan, Russell Batten. Music: Michael Slade. 
Thanks to: David Bowie, Johan Renck,
Svana Gisla, Lee Caller.

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